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Tyre Brands

Established in Israel in 1950, this renowned brand has a strong belief in the principle of Tire Technology in Motion. As a result, in spite of the varied product range of over 1000 specialised items, each product is carefully engineered keeping the latest technology in mind.

Alliance is the market leader in Row Crop and a pioneer in Flotation tires. Alliance also boasts a very comprehensive line-up of tires for tractors, sprayers and spreaders.  It offers the widest range in terms of prices, sizes and patterns, which are available for varied applications like industries and machines. 

In recent years, Alliance has introduced complete line-up of tires for forestry machines, compact construction equipment and tractors used in municipal and other such on and off-road applications.


When you choose a tyre, you’re choosing how much fun you can have in the driver’s seat, and if you can appreciate higher performance, BFGoodrich® brand is the tyre for you. Decades of motorsport success have helped us develop tyres to give you the grip and control that your spirited driving demands – either on-road or off. Because the more control you have, the more fun you’ll have too.

Our tyres are designed and built by enthusiasts – people who go to track days or off-roading on the weekends. We work to continually improve tire performance because we want the same thing from a tyre that you do. More control, more grip and more smiles behind the wheel.


Having your vehicle fitted with a good set of tyres plays an important role in the safety and performance of your vehicle.  From the world-renowned and high performance Bridgestone brand, to the ever-reliable Firestone and Supercat tyres, we’ve got you covered.   

Bridgestone and Firestone focus on tyre safety to ensure you get the most out of your tyres, so that you and your family have peace of mind.


In New Zealand, 4x4 tyres are subjected to a variety of applications and terrain.  Choosing the right tread pattern, size and carcass construction is essential when driving around town on smooth bitumen or driving heavy-loaded vehicles on wet, muddy tracks.  We, as New Zealand’s distributor of Cooper Tires, recognize that.

For over 15 years now Cooper Tires have been sold throughout New Zealand and continue to expand throughout the country.  Cooper Tires are a popular choice for many 4WDrivers and industry professionals with over 35 years’ experience have been quick to support Cooper Tyres and bring them into their in-store range.


Dunlop is New Zealand's leading brand of tyre offering advanced technology, safe motoring and excellent handling.  It has played a key role in the development of New Zealand, providing not just tyres but a range of other rubber products needed for an expanding economy.

Dunlop has a proud and successful motorsport heritage in New Zealand, since the earliest beach and cinder track motorcycle races, through to many of today's premier motorsport events. The Dunlop Motorsport service tent will be found at most major events providing technical knowledge, advanced racing tyres and service to race and rally competitors.


Our tyres are packed with innovative breakthrough technologies that deliver longer-lasting tyres and a better driving experience.  From premium performance to fuel economy - our priority is excellence in every mile.  At Goodyear we work closely with the world’s leading car manufacturers in the development of new models, matchmaking tyres and vehicles during the development process with performance attributes that bring out the best in both. 

Designed on a principle that we call the 3/15/50 approach, our tyre testing regime means that every new tyre meets the highest of standards.  There is no bar higher than the one we set ourselves.  Our engineers test every tyre thoroughly before any can carry the Goodyear brand. Trust the tyre experts. Trust our tyres.


By fitting a set of GT Radial tyres to your vehicle, you can be confident these have been put through one of the most rigorous and comprehensive quality control systems in the industry.

GT Radial tyres are made in some of the world’s most modern tyre manufacturing plants by one of the largest producers of tyres worldwide.  GT Radial produces approximately 30 million tyres every year, about four times the total number of tyres sold in New Zealand.  Their tyres are available in more than 80 countries worldwide.  GT Radial tyre dealers are located throughout New Zealand.


Hankook Tyre is one of the world's largest and fastest growing tyre manufacturer for radial tyres for passenger cars, light trucks (SUVs, RVs, and etc.), trucks, and buses.  Hankook Tyre also develops cutting-edge technologies to upgrade customer satisfaction through high-quality products.


Over one hundred years' experience of tyre technology has enabled Pirelli to combine in their products maximum levels of security, longevity, comfort and attention to the environment. Each Pirelli tyre provides not only performance but also a "feel for the road" and a communication with the driver, allowing a better understanding of the vehicle's performance.